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Providing you with good advice to optimize your real estate sale and guaranteeing you support in complete peace of mind: these are the absolute priorities of our sales team. We are listening to you.


market insight


A team of consultants
reliable and experienced


communication and
commercial strategy


The 4 good reasons to choose the agency

  1. We carry out a free appraisal and evaluation of your property to determine the best strategy to adopt in order to sell better. We project your buyers into a new dimension by revealing the full potential of your property. The visits are only a formality, the rest is based on experience.
  2. You benefit from human support. We are a family-run, independent agency run by caring for each client. We attach great importance to building a relationship of trust. We advise you, because above all we want your property to stand out from the others already for sale.
  3. Transaction or rental management, we have a strong experience in real estate expertise and in particular on the legal aspects thanks to the experience of the founder in the notary. Although our agency is recognized as a reference in the Montmartre sector, we manage properties on a daily basis throughout Paris and its inner suburbs.
  4. We provide you with sound advice in addition to tailor-made support for any life annuity sale. The relationship we establish with our customers is built on trust and the desire to optimize the financial advantages of each. For this, we use all our know-how and our knowledge of the market to enhance your property in a different way.


We are constantly looking for the most efficient and innovative tools to enhance your property and tell a unique story. Thanks to cameras, drones, and the help of cinematographic image professionals, we open the doors to you and we capture the soul of each place.


Quels sont les engagements de L’Immobilière Grand sud ?

 Prix optimal

 Le prix optimal est le prix que nous obtiendrons de l’acquéreur le plus motivé   pour acheter votre bien à un prix sensiblement supérieur à celui du marché.

 Délai maitrisé

 Nous mettons tout en oeuvre pour v
ous présenter des offres sérieuses dans   un délai d’un mois. S’il n’y a aucune offre dans ce délai, c’est probablement   que le bien est surestimé. Sur un marché de pénurie, il faut donc réagir au   plus tôt.

Mandat exclusif révocable

Nous laissons toute liberté au propriétaire de résilier le mandat, à tout moment et sans justification. Cette liberté, cette souplesse nous vous l’offrons car nous sommes certains de vous donner satisfaction dans les délais les plus brefs et au meilleur prix de vente possible. De plus, en signant un tel mandat, vous bénéficiez d’une diminution de 5% de notre commission d’agence. Ce n’est pas un cadeau car, dans le cadre d’un tel mandat, nous sommes assurés d’être rémunérés pour nos efforts et nos investissements publicitaires.

Estimation garanties

Nos ventes sont réalisées à une moyenne de 97 % de notre prix d’estimation.


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